Zanzibar, a piece of Paradise – 2 Nights Itinerary

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Zanzibar Archipelago

The Zanzibar Archipelago consists of several islands lying off the coast of East Africa south of the Somali sea. Also known as the Spice Islands, there are four main islands, three primary islands with human populations, a fourth coral island that serves as an essential breeding ground for seabirds, plus a number of smaller islets that surround them and an isolated tiny islet. It is however the Unguja Island, the largest, that is colloquially referred to as Zanzibar.

Zanzibar Holiday – 2 Nights itinerary

Zanzibar africa can be a lot of fun provided you make the most of it and go at the right time ! If you have taken enough time off for an African adventure, include a 2 nights of more Zanzibar holiday. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Step 1

Do your research and find out when the full moon party is happening at Kendwa, the most popular beach in Zanzibar. Full moon party 2019 dates

Step 2

If you can, plan your zanzibar holiday around this time. Reach a day before or on the day of the full moon. Zanzibar tourism is blooming on this day.

Day 1 in Zanzibar – Kendwa

We reached on the day of the full moon and the only thing to be done that day was visit the beach for a sunset and party at night ! A separate blogpost coming soon on the full moon party with review. We stayed at Kendwa rocks, the hotel that hosts the full moon party. The full moon party in Kendwa is right outside Kendwa rocks on the beach area. This stretch is one of the most beautiful Zanzibar beaches. Many people prefer to stay at Kendwa Rocks out of the many Zanzibar hotels and party all night long. A good idea? Read the Review of Kendwa Rocks here (coming soon).

zanzibar full moon party
At the Full Moon Party in Kendwa
Is Zanzibar Safe?
Many people ask me if it’s safe to travel in Zanzibar. And to that i would say, Yes ! It’s as safe as travelling anywhere in the world. You have to keep your wits about, any traveller knows that. I’ll say another thing to put this into perspective – every country in Africa differs on safety. Tanzania is not Kenya.
full moon party kendwa rocks
No idea who this photo bomber is, but hey it make a great pic !

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Day 2 in Zanzibar – Stone Town

Keep the second day for sightseeing in Stone Town. Stone Town is a UNESCO world heritage site and there are more than enough things to keep you busy. Here is a list of some of the things that we could pack in a day.

Walking around the quaint town and just taking it in

It’s always a good idea to just walk around and take it easy before you start with a list. I don’t know any other way to travel.

Visit the Food street for Lunch

Try what you fancy. My favourite was the Roti wrap filled with meat of your choice and guess what they called it? Rolex ! Interesting much?

Take a boat to the Prison Island

Visit the Prison Island / Changgu Island – Read about the visit in detail here.

Visit the Palace Museum

Take a quick peek into the lives of the Sultans of Zanzibar and the Spice route. India was on the spice route as well so it was quite an interesting visit for us. The museum also houses a lifesize dhow (local ship).

Visit the Art Gallery and Curio market at the Old Fort

Curio shopping in Stone Town Zanzibar Island
Wooden Masks for Sale at Old Fort

Shopping at the Old Fort next to Forodhani Gardens – Enter the Old fort that houses an art gallery and curio market. Most of Africa’s craft is on display here. We bought a beautiful teak wood mask that adorns one of the walls at home. You can pick up jewellery, masks and other stuff as keepsake or souvenir. You can make a trip earlier in the day to see the art gallery and have a modest lunch here with beer. We tried a local beer ‘Safari’. We didn’t have the luxury of time, we visited the Old fort right before the Forodhani Gardens Food Market.

Forodhani Garden Night Food Market

Eat your heart out at the Forodhani Gardens Food Market – This is a night food market. Must try are the Zanzibari pizzas with sweet fillings like nutella or savoury fillings like cheese. There are lots of meat on skewers and other stuff but they were just a bit chewy for our taste and there’s no way to know who makes the best. But think like a traveller and try it nonetheless. Oh, don’t forget to try the Urojo, we loved it ! Picture below.

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You can add many other activities to this list if you plan on staying a day extra. You can visit the Spice market, Fish auction at Darajani, House of Wonders, Old Dispensary, Slave Market Museum and Freddy Mercury’s house. Whatever your itinerary might be, dedicate a couple of days to this slice of paradise called Zanzibar.

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