Why I Travel


How the Travel bug bit me

I started travelling very early in life, all thanks to my dad being in the Army. Every 3-4 years we would find ourselves in a different state and station. So, during the vacation time, we would explore places in and around that state.

My love for the photography also catapulted me into a career laced with travel. I love travelling for work, it is a great creative accelerator and stress buster before and after the shoots.

And then I discovered Couchsurfing that introduced me to this whole new world of travellers. To know people, hear their experiences, experience their cities and eat local was a totally new experience. (Will write a post about Why I couchsurf later.)

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Last but not the least, being an Army wife, I found it very reassuring that I could travel anywhere in the country and still have friends and family I could depend on, if I needed help and I’d be taken care of in case of any emergency. Thumbs Up to the Defense Forces !

What does Travel mean?

Almost everyone I know loves to travel. Most often than not, travelling is associated with a vacation or a break from the daily routine, office or the city life.

You can travel to a new place to escape, relax, have fun, bungee jump, visit a historic site or just catch up on sleep on a freshly made bed with room service on your beck and call. Most people will agree with this definition of travel. Sure, it works fine but for me this would fall under the category of ‘Vacation’ or a ‘Getaway’.

‘To Travel’ is to be an intrinsic part of the time and space you’re in.

Remember the saying, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do.’? Now that’s something that a ‘Traveler’ takes bloody seriously ! Travelers travel for passion, to experience and to learn. It’s almost like a never ending journey that you commit your time and resources to, a commitment to yourself, for your inner growth. You will always see ‘Travelers’ seeking something. That something is what they are passionate about. It could be Food, Photography, Music, Spirituality or something else.


Why I Travel?

A lot of people ask me out of the many things I should rather be doing, why travel? For me, the force that drives me to travel is the relentless yearning to ‘Learn’. I’m constantly learning through my travels, through people who open up their hearts and homes to me and humor my endless questions, though observations on the open road, through a chance encounter or a meandering conversation.

I have an unbelievable appetite for travel. Instead of tiring me, it rejuvenates me. I feel like I have a never ending source of energy inside me, when on the road. Personally speaking, Travelling is a spiritual experience and makes me happy. Travelling is my perfect recipe for happiness – Happiness through Discovery.


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