Traveling with Baby Checklist

Traveling with Baby

Traveling with Baby can be very scary if it’s for the first time or with newborns and pre-mature babies. Me and baby took our first flight when she was just 24 days old. Mothers are allowed to travel as early as 7 days depending on which flight you take. I often get asked about how to pack for an infant for travel and things to carry when traveling with a baby on flight. Here is my Traveling with Baby Checklist.


Traveling with Baby Checklist

What to pack in the diaper bag?

  1. Diapers (obviously) – 03 – 04 depending on how long the journey is. More if your baby has looses or poops more often than others.
  2. Wet wipes – Buy a small pack for travelling purposes or keep aside a packet of wet wipes that has been used 75% to optimise the space in your bag.
  3. Washcloth – 2 or 3
  4. 2 X Change of clothes for the baby to be on the safe side (depends on how long the flight is).
  5. Cap in case it gets cold for the baby in the flight
  6. Extra blanket
  7. Medicines – as mentioned above
  8. Baby moisturising cream/lotion – Small Pack
  9. Rattles / Soft Toys – to keep the baby busy and entertained. Carry small toys, ones that the baby prefers.
  10. Teethers for teething babies – Go in for teethers that come with a case so do do get contaminated in the bag. My baby chews pacifiers instead of sucking on them so I carry either a pacifier or a teether. Also, Clip on teethers or teething necklaces are a great choice when travelling as they double up as teethers and toys and will save you the effort of keeping track of them, every time your baby throws them.
  11. Pacifier
  12. Expressed breast milk in a bottle (if you don’t want to breastfeed on the flight) or formula, if formula fed.
  13. Light Solid food if started in an airtight container or squeezy bottle with an attached spoon / separate spoon. Take something that doesnt need to be warmed like fruits.
  14. Bib, if carrying feed in a bottle or on solids
  15. Mosquito repellent (Spray, roll on or patches) for travelling after.
  16. Hand sanitiser
  17. Nursing bib or shrug, if not wearing already.
  18. Comb and other essentials
  19. Hand cream for the mother (you can use the baby cream as well)
  20. Lip balm for the mother
  21. Small bottle of drinking water (use when water not available at the airport or flight).
  22. Wet bag (for soiled clothes or if using cloth diapers).
  23. Nursing pads for the mother
  24. 2 zip locs, just in case
  25. Any other essentials of the mother (carry your essentials also in the diaper bag and travel light).
  26. Mosquito net for the stroller / car seat for travel later.
  27. Ring Sling, if you’re a babywearing mother. SSC you can wear or carry for a road trip. Carrying an SSC on a flight might just be too much of stuff. See the Ring Sling Tutorial here on how to wear a newborn in a ring sling.
  28. Change of clothes for yourself and the person accompanying you (if).

So this is my Traveling with Baby Checklist and you’re ready to travel whether its a road trip or a flight, like a pro ! If you’re taking a flight read about everything you need to know when Traveling with Baby. You might also want to buy an inflatable baby bathtub to use during your travels and pack it separately in your check in baggage or car if taking a road trip with baby.

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