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Traveling with Baby

This is a specific post about my experience, review & tips on infant travel on Jet Airways. We have traveled with a newborn on Air India, Jet Airways and Indigo Airlines. To read about everything you want to know before traveling with an infant, read my post about flying with a newborn 101.

REVIEW: Infant Travel on Jet Airways

This was the second time we were flying with an infant on Jet Airways. The first time was when Mi was 6 months old from Indore – Delhi in a small aircraft.

The second time flying with Jet Airways was on the Delhi – Pune route and back on their bigger aircrafts when Mi was 8 months old. Delhi – Pune flight even had Jet Screen – Jet Airways’ in flight entertainment. Read my review of Jet Screen here.

Online booking on

The online booking system of is pretty smooth and it allows you to book an infant ticket with your ticket. Jet Airways also allows you to pay upfront at the airport booking counter for an infant in case you forgot to do so or you booked your ticket using Jet Privilege miles where there is no option to book an infant. Check my review of Jet Privilege Loyalty Miles Program here.

You can also select seats (paid service) and choose a meal (free) for yourself and your baby while booking your flight online.

Infant Airline ticket cost on Jet Airways: Rs 1200 + taxes

PRO TIP: You can choose to book an extra seat for the infant if you like to put the infant in a car seat next to you. However, be aware that Jet Airways only allows FAA approved car seats for infants and the base is less than 17 inches so that it fits in the flight seat.

infant travel check in jat airways Check In

The check in is pretty smooth and if you’re flying with an infant you can skip the long line of check ins and head straight to the business class or priority check in line !

Additional Baggage for Infant Travel

Jet Airways does not give you any extra kilos on infant travel ticket, however you can carry a car seat and stroller free of cost. You can check it in as a fragile baggage or choose to take it till the door of the aircraft where someone will take it from you and hand it over to you when you de-board the plane.


The security check is usually a line i’ve never been able to skip but if you do have an official in sight, just ask them to open the ribbons on the stands and give you a shorter way to enter the security or skip the long winding queue.

mom and baby boarding jet airways flight infant travel Boarding

During boarding as well, Jet Airlines staff calls business class members, people on wheelchair, senior citizens and parents traveling with infants to board first.

In case you missed the call or arrived late, just skip the queue and ask them to board you first. I generally apologize to the staff and others standing to board and say, “I’m sorry I had to cut the queue but I’m travelling with a baby.” It’s quite effective and people won’t stare you down. I do it because I genuinely do not like to cut queues but if you don’t like to apologize, don’t because it’s your right to board first when traveling with an infant.

Car seat and / or stroller / infant travel system

You are allowed to carry a car seat and / or stroller or a travel system free of cost over and above the 15 kg check in luggage + 7 kg hand baggage. You can choose to check in the stroller and car seat as a fragile item in the check in luggage or take it with you till the door of the aircraft where someone will take it from you and give it back to you when you deboard. If you want it back, you will have to inform the steward(ess) to inform the ground staff to get the stroller/ car seat when you deboard.

Infant Travel on Jet Airways

If you have not booked an extra seat for your infant, you will have to carry your infant on your lap throughout the flight. If you are lucky and the aircraft is not full, you can ask the stewardess to give to a seat next to an empty seat so that you can make your baby sit there with his / her toys and take a break, if the baby is able to sit up.

The hostess will provide you with an infant seat belt if your baby is able to sit upright. You can fasten this belt across your infant’s tummy along with your seat belt to secure your baby.


Jet Airways serves complimentary food for adults and baby food on request for infants. They have an option of formula milk and cerelac to choose from.

On one of the flights I took, they did not serve coffee/tea for whatever reason and did not have hot water either. It was the first time I gave my baby cerelac and that too in cold water. Guess, pre packaged baby food is not for us 😂 Mi being a good baby, ate her flight temperature cerelac with a standard spoon. I was quite proud of my mobile baby that day!

Diaper change

I never had to change Mi’s diapers in flight when she was exclusively on breast milk but diaper changes are the ghost in the closet when traveling with a baby who had started solids.

After starting solids, babies tend to poop little ‘pooplets’ many times a day and man are they smelly ! The can make you uncomfortable because the baby is on your lap and you can smell it. It will also make you uncomfortably aware of your proximity with co passengers and that you are subjecting them to your baby’s poop bomb. It’s all the more annoying if the seat belt sign is on and you can’t go to the toilet to change dirty diapers.

Whatever you do, DO NOT change the diaper on the seat. The airlines authority would make it a crime if they could. The best is to wait for the seatbelt sign to go off and rush to the toilet or let the flight land and use the toilet in the aircraft to change the diaper. If the smell is bearable, you can choose to enter the airport and use the baby care room over there.

Jet Airways has a diaper changing table in both toilets so no waiting there.

flying with baby on lap jet airways Important points to note when Flying with Jet Airways with an infant on the smaller aircrafts

  1. The aircraft is not as well pressurized as the bigger ones so the baby will feel ear pressure while take off and landing.
  2. You will need to feed the baby while take off and landing, especially while take off. You can also offer a pacifier or a bottle.
  3. Baby food might not be available on these aircrafts so make arrangements accordingly.

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