Things to pack for a Leh trip

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Every trip can be made more comfortable and memorable by packing well and spending your precious time on experiences and sightseeing rather than going to the local market to buy what you forgot to get from home. So here is a comprehensive list of all the things to pack for a Leh trip.

  1. Sunscreen – Pack your favorite sunscreen that is SPF 50 and above for your trip to Leh and wear it everyday whether outdoors or indoors. The sun in Leh is very harsh and you will get tanned in no time.
  2. Winter Clothing – You think you’re travelling in Summers to Leh but it is still very cold. The days can be warmer and there might be times when you think that a light tshirt will do but the weather changes here in minutes. So wherever you go, carry your winter clothing along.
  3. Inners/ spaghetti /tank tops– Its best to layer up in Leh. Carry enough light layers that are snug and will help kick in the body heat.
  4. Hooded jackets – If you plan to travel to places like Pangong Tso, be aware that it extremely cold and windy here. So carry hooded jackets and ear muffs to keep you warm.
  5. Uggs or boots – Again, for Pangong Tso, pack warm uggs or boots.
  6. Socks – Pick up a couple of pair of warm socks.
  7. Carpet slippers – Thongs just won’t do in Leh, it can get pretty cold indoors even if your hotel is carpeted. Central heating is not available in any hotel in Leh and you might not like to keep the heater on all the time. So carry a pair of warm carpet slippers.
  8. Mufflers – Carry a couple of mufflers to keep you warm.
  9. Scarves – Scarves are great. They can double up as a fashion statement and keep you warm too.
  10. Stoles/ shawls – Carry a versatile shawl and stole that can be used to add another layer.
  11. First Aid Box – Carry a first aid box with basic medicines. Very important. Headaches are very common here because of the high altitude.
  12. Warm caps – Carry or buy warm caps that cover the ear. The winds can be unforgiving in Leh and you will need it.
  13. Gloves – Carry a pair of gloves to keep you warm at all times.
  14. Body Shop body butter – carry BodyShop body butter or something even more hydrating as the weather in Leh is very drying, you will need to moisturizer your hands every hour or after every wash.
  15. Lip Balm – Carry your favorite lip balm. You will need to use it every half an hour or so.
  16. Sunglasses – Very important. The sun is very harsh here. Carry at least two pairs of sunglasses so that you can use one even if the other gets misplaced or breaks. I love the mirrored sunglasses and Carrera Interchangeables.
  17. Sport Shoes – You will need to walk a lot and the terrain is not very well tamed. Pack your favorite sport shoes or hiking shoes for your trip to Leh.
  18. Moisturizer – You must carry a high moisture lotion for your face. The Clinique dramatically different moisturizer I own worked very well for me.
  19. Face wipes – You’re going to be out a lot and it’s windy here. There’s going to be a lot of dirt on your face and the weather is drying so pick up a couple of moisturizing face wipes.
  20. Thermos – Pack in a thermos to keep your water warm while you travel.
  21. BSNL postpaid sim – Do you have an extra postpaid BSNL sim card? Pack that too or borrow it as BSNL has very good coverage here in terms of internet connectivity. Airtel works well for calls.

NOTE: Skip your mosquito repellent. There are no mosquitoes at this altitude ! So that’s one thing less you need to pack for Leh.

Hope you got everything you need to have an enjoyable Leh trip. Don’t forget to pack all the things mentioned above for your trip to Leh. If you have any questions, please write in the comments below and I’ll be happy to answer them !

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