Flying SpiceMax on Spicejet Airlines – Is it worth the extra bucks?

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It’s been a really long time since I have booked a flight with Spicejet Airlines so this time when I got a chance to fly with them, I was really looking forward to the experience. In fact, I got a chance to book Spicejet SpiceMax offer.

What is SpiceMax?

Spicemax Spicejet Seat I flew Delhi – Goa and back and was booked on the Super Saver ticket but while doing a web check-in, Spicejet throws up an select seat option where you can choose the front few seats by paying seat selection charges of Rs. 1000. This service/booking is called a ‘SpiceMax’ which entitles you to:

  1. A seat with more legroom
  2. Complimentary onboard meals (Usually you would spend Rs. 200 – Rs 400 on it, 10% lesser if you prebook your meals)
  3. Priority Check In
  4. Priority Boarding
  5. Priority Baggage Handling

How to book SpiceMax?

  1. You can choose SpiceMax at the time of making the booking or ask your travel agent to do so.
  2. After booking on Spicejet upgrade it by visiting ‘Manage my booking’ and selecting a SpiceMax seat on the seat map.
  3. During web check-in you can select the SpiceMax seats, if available and upgrade your booking. (I did this.)

SpiceMax Price (per pax per sector):

SpiceMax’s pricing will depend on the aircraft and the seat chosen.

  • On Q400’s : Rs. 500
  • On Boeing/Airbus: Rs. 1000, Rs. 900 for non reclining seats

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Benefits of SpiceMax:

spicemax spicejet review

Spicejet Priority Check In

While checking in, I completely forgot that had booked SpiceMax and stood in the queue for my check in for quite a while. When I reached the counter, they told me I could have availed a priority check in at the first counter. But to my defence, there were no standees or signs directing SpiceMax customers towards a priority check in counter. This is something that SpiceJet must look at.

SpiceMax Baggage Allowance – A Special Treatment

However, the treatment and smiles I received from the employees definitely looked special. On my flight back to Delhi, my check in baggage was 2.5 Kg overweight with all the shopping from Goa but I was not asked to pay anything extra nor was the extra weight even mentioned. It could be that 5kg might be the minimum weight that they charge for because when you purchase extra baggage online, you can do it in multiples of 5. But I’ve come across situations while flying Indigo Airlines and Jet Airways where they charge extra baggage per Kg. So I would consider this a ‘special treatment’.

SpiceMax Seats Review

Spicemax seats have more legroom. I am 5’2” and have never really felt very uncomfortable in economy class as far as legroom is considered but I appreciated the extra legroom on SpiceMax seats. There are also fixed partitions between the 3 seats and each has a retractable tray. On my way back to Delhi, the seats next to me were unoccupied but because of the fixed partition, I could not take up more space that I could have, had there been movable hand rests instead of the fixed partitions.

Priority Boarding

Take advantage of priority boarding as you can find yourself in long never ending queues of slow passengers while on economy flights. This is available for the aircraft boarding and not at the boarding gates. again, there are no signs or standees announcing or calling SpiceMax customers for priority boarding and you can just end up not availing it.

SpiceMax Meals Menu (Complimentary)

The Spicemax meals menu has a good choice of meal boxes and sandwiches both vegetarian and non vegetarian. The complimentary meal comes with a 200 ml water bottle and a beverage of your choice. I ended up ordering chicken manchurian and noodles both the times as they did not have chicken biryani on the return flight. The food was okay (the manchurian balls were not soft) but nice and hot and I’m not complaining because I do not expect a gourmet dish or 5 star quality on an economy airline.

Priority Baggage Handling

This is another big plus ! Being a frequent flyer I know how boring and irritating it is while you wait for your baggage in a crowd of people while your pick up waits for you outside and calls you incessantly. God forbid, if your luggage gets misplaced or damaged. Knowing that your baggage is being handled on priority promises peace of mind and a hassle free airport exit. I know my baggage was handled on priority as I retrieved it from the belt within 5 minutes on the first flight and other SpiceMax customers also received it on priority.

However, on the return flight, I had to wait for 15 minutes before my luggage arrived because two flights were sharing the same belt and also because the ground staff had forgotten to put a ‘Priority’ tag on my baggage.

SpiceMax Review

Although I could not avail of the priority check in at the SpiceJet counters at the airport, my experience with SpiceMax was good. For Rs. 1000 extra, I received food, space and priority which are just the two things that you need to make your travel easier and more relaxed.

 Rating:  4.0 / 5 (I would have give it a 5 had they placed prominent signs announcing SpiceMax priority check in and boarding and also if the ground staff hadn’t forgotten to put a ‘Priority’ tag on my check-in baggage.)

I would definitely suggest going for SpiceMax when you desire a little more loving without punching a hole in your wallet! Although, there were some things forgotten and overlooked by Spicejet, I’m sure you can avoid those mistakes after reading this review.


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