Spice Club Loyalty Card by Spicejet Airlines – Is it worth the extra bucks?

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Spice Club membership entitles you to a prepaid card and wallet that lets you make cashless transactions within the SpiceJet ecosystem. You can purchase tickets, meals, merchandise, add-on services by using your Spice Club card or wallet. Everytime you recharge your wallet or card, you get additional usable credits which convert to usable currency.

You also get access to special offers and discounts throughout the year like the one they are running right now where you get Spice Cash bonus points worth Rs 1000 free ! Read about it here.

How much does a Spice Club membership cost?

You can become a Spice Club member by paying Rs. 599 and get exclusive benefits worth up to Rs 5,999.

spicejet-airlines-spiceclub Spice Club Membership Benefits:

  1. 2 free vouchers worth Rs.599* each to be used for domestic flight bookings. Only one voucher applicable on one booking. These vouchers will not work on discounted fares for categories such as Armed Forces discount etc.
  2. Free one way Air Ticket on Member’s Birthday to be used only for travelling on the date of customer’s birthday. Only the base fare will be free, you will have to pay for taxes and fees.
  3. Marriage Anniversary Special – 50% off on Domestic Air Tickets for 2 passengers to be used only for travelling on the date of customer’s marriage anniversary (maximum discount to be INR 2,000/- only on Base Fare).
  4. Free Priority Check-in – 2 vouchers*
  5. Add-ons Special – 2 vouchers* worth Rs.100 each to be used for domestic flight bookings for add on services like Bag Out First, Excess Baggage, Fly For Sure, My Flexi Plan, Preferred and Other Seats Selection and Spice Max.

spiceclub spicejet airlines loyalty program

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The annual membership to Spice Club (the “Product”) is available for purchase by way of making a payment of INR 599/- per person, inclusive of all applicable taxes.
  2. The subscription to the membership is only available to person of the age of eighteen (18) years and above.
  3. The membership can be subscribed to, and its benefits shall only be available via the website – www.spicejet.com.
  4. The membership shall automatically expire upon the expiry of 01 year from the date of subscribing to the membership.
  5. Once purchased, the Product, shall, under no circumstances, be non-cancellable and non-refundable.SpiceJet reserves the right to modify, alter, amend and/or change any and/or all of the terms and conditions herein, at any time without prior notice. SpiceJet also reserves the right to discontinue this service at any time without prior notice.All other terms of carriage of SpiceJet as available at www.spicejet.com/Tnc.aspx, and applicable terms and conditions shall apply.

* Vouchers shall be valid for a period of six (06) months from the date of issuance.

** Free/ Discounted air ticket shall mean that the customer shall only get the applicable discount only on the Base Fare of the ticket to travel within India only, and that the ticket shall have to be booked a minimum of twenty (20) days in advance; all taxes and/ or any statutory levies, fees etc. shall, at all times, have to borne by the customer.

# Tickets issued as per the subscription benefit hereunder shall be non-changeable; but cancellable, as per the applicable terms of carriage at the time of such cancellation request.

## Customers travelling on such discounted tickets may be asked to present their valid government-issued identity cards at the check-in counter, which shall reflect the respective dates, in respect whereof the benefit is being claimed. In the absence of such validation, the customers shall have to make payment of the differential amount of the fare as on date of travel.

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My Experience with Spice Club

Priority Check In

Who doesn’t like to be given priority? Buying a SpiceClub membership means that you don’t have to stand in a queue to check in. This is great as it does away with some stress and precious time when you’re flying economy class. Remember to use these vouchers before six months. If you’re travelling more than 2 times on Spicejet and want priority check in the third time, you can use you add on vouchers.

Vouchers worth Rs 599

If you travel often and do not qualify for discounted fares, this is a great benefit ! 599 on one ticket in economy class can be a huge discount. But keep in mind that the ticket needs to be booked at least 20 days in advance and the vouchers are valid only for six months. I found this weird because the membership is annual, why should the vouchers be valid only for six months? I didn’t use these vouchers as I qualify for discounted fares with Spicejet and that worked out to be cheaper in my case. If you don’t use it, offer to make a booking for any of your family members.

Free Air Ticket on Spice Club member’s birthday

This ticket is applicable only when the member is travelling on his/her birthday. It is a one way ticket where the base fare is waived off. Now this is a tricky benefit. Most of us do not want to travel on our birthdays but if you’re away from your loved one and want to be with them on your birthday, voila! this might just come to your rescue. Keep in mind that you still need to pay the taxes and fees and the ticket in only applicable within India.

50% discount on member’s wedding anniversary for 2 passengers

Again, I wasn’t not able to use this but it is a good benefit to motivate a couple to travel together on their wedding anniversary. Most of us would like to travel earlier and spend a cosy, romantic anniversary at the destination but if you’re okay with travelling on your anniversary, this discount night come handy. You can book return tickets with a maximum discount of Rs 2000 on base fare.

Spice Club Add on vouchers

Add on services like Bag Out First, Excess Baggage, Fly For Sure, My Flexi Plan, Preferred and Other Seats Selection and Spice Max can come in handy when you’re running late, are unwell and need minimum irritants on your flight. I also recommend SpiceMax for expecting mothers and parents travelling with infants. Remember, these vouchers are valid for 6 months only.

Spice Cash E Wallet

SpiceClub-spicejet-fees SpiceClub membership gives you automatic access to Spice Cash e wallet which you can top up to book tickets and buy add on services.


Top-up – Earn 2% SpiceCash points on every SpiceClub top-up

Loyalty – Earn 5% SpiceCash Points on purchase of any Spice Add-on and on any domestic flight booking

One SpiceCash point = INR 1.

What I loved about the SpiceCash wallet is that if you’re paying through SpiceCash wallet,you do not have to pay any convenience fee for booking your tickets. The convenience fee (passenger service fee) is INR 100-150 per ticket per passenger. You can see the details in the table on the right hand side. So if you’re buying tickets for 2 passengers, you immediately end up saving INR 200 – 300.

Spice Club Review:


  1. The INR 599 discount voucher is a good deal and you will immediately get the befit of your money’s worth.
  2. The savings on Spice Cash e wallet is the biggest pro for me. Depending on the number of tickets you book, you can save more.
  3. The priority check in is another big plus for me considering it is an economy airline.
  4. If you end up using the free birthday ticket and the anniversary discounted tickets, BALLE BALLE !!


  1. All the vouchers expire in six months whereas the Spice Club membership is paid for annually. I didn’t quite get the logic for this.
  2. In all probabilities, you will not avail the free birthday ticket and anniversary discounted ticket for a variety of reasons. Moreover, it needs to be booked 20 days in advance.

spice club spicejet 599

So is it worth it?

Rating: 4.5/5

I love the concept as this is the only non miles/points based loyalty membership programme being offered by an economy airline in India. Air Asia does have a loyalty programme but it is only point based.

I would definitely suggest going for it but to make sure you get your money’s worth, buy it when you’re sure you’re booking a SpiceJet ticket. Remember to top up your SpiceCash e wallet and pay though it to maximise your savings !

Spicejet frequent flyer membership form :

Signup for Spice Club frequent flyer membership here.

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