How does it feel to Bungee off the Highest Bungee Bridge in the world?

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Courage – Fear – Rush – Awe – Pride. in that order.

You’ll feel and see some of those emotions in the video below.

If you are the adventurous kind and are thinking of taking the plunge, you will feel the same emotions as me, what will differ is the intensity of each and the order in which you feel them. What you feel before the bungee and while you’re hanging 216m below that bridge, will give you an insight into the person you are!

Really, that’s no joke. Let me explain to you what I mean through the order of the emotions I felt.

Courage / Fearlessness

I have great courage which sometimes might just be fearlessness and an appetite for risk because of which I didn’t feel nervous or fearful till I was strapped, hooked and standing two steps away from the edge of the platform. I had heard all the instructions and I knew that when they bungee, I need to spread my arms and fly…


But a strange fear started creeping into me as I got ready to get to the edge of the platform. As I stood on the edge, the instructors said 1.2.3.BUNGEE !! I didn’t hear it, literally, I didn’t. What I was hearing was a little voice in my head saying,

“wtf! you have to jump from here? here? What were you thinking? you’re not prepared. You need to buy time… Collect yourself, take a deep breath and jump… wait… jump from here? here?

Can’t someone just give you a little push? You can’t do this on your own !”

I paused. Maybe, I just wanted a little more time. I asked them to repeat it again. This time I was ready. I bent my knees, moved forward ready to jump but hesitated again. The instructors saw that I was ready to jump but couldn’t launch myself and gave me a little push, just a little bit and there I went plunging into the mountains – my hair loose and my eyes wide open, hungry for the view.


The Rush

The first few seconds, I felt like my heart would just jump out into the throat but then the adrenalin took over and I felt a sweet rush, calming my pulses. And then as soon as I started to enjoy it, I bounced back. By now, I didn’t care. I was there and I had done it.


I felt awed at the mountains and the river below me. I wanted to just hang there for some more time. I felt so much peace and beauty in that upside down world of mine at that moment.


And then someone came to get me, we were pulled up and then it was time for me be proud of myself, really proud !

In case, you want to see the jump from a spectator’s perspective, watch the video below. This will give you a different perspective.


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