Going Pillion? 11 tips to rock that Bike Trip !

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Bike Trips can be very tiring both for the rider and the pillion. Most of us, don’t want to go pillion as it seems like an extra burden on the rider. It took me years to convince my husband that we could do a trip together and he thought I was completely out of my mind! I mean I would love to ride the Enfield all by myself if I could but I’m just too short for the beast.

Anyways, after much convincing, Karan (my husband) agreed on the condition that if anywhere on the trip we felt that we couldn’t go on any longer, we’d just take a U turn and head back home. I was pretty confident, that’s not how our trip would end! Now, after our Delhi – Himachal Road trip, he sheepishly admits it was fun. So much so that, we can’t wait to go for another one together, a longer one – Maybe Delhi- Leh?!

So if you are having a hard time convincing your rider to take you pillion, keep in mind that it’s not for the girly-girls. You’ve got to be the adventurous kind. Be ready to brave the cold wind that literally slaps you across your face for even thinking that you could do this, YOU? haha. You’ll get dry, your butt will hurt, your backbone will give you a hard time but you just have to enjoy the ride! Here are a few points to ease you into it.

1. Sit straight. Keep your backbone straight and flexible.

2. Move your neck regularly. Right-Left. Then, Back and Forward; slowly, don’t lose your balance.

3. Stretch your back when you can- forward and backward. Rotate your shoulders – clockwise and anti clockwise once in a while.

travel-roadtrip-pillion4. Take a pitstop after every 100 kms or so depending on the road you’re on. Even if it’s just to stretch, breathe in some fresh air or just enjoy the view!

5. Eat less. Grab a bite every time you take a pitstop.

6. Drink water in moderate quantities.

7. Keep your helmet on, always.

8. Talk to the Rider often, make sure he/she is not sleepy.

9. Assist in hand signals when necessary.

10. Be alert and keep looking over the riders’ shoulder when overtaking or taking sharp turns.

11. Lightly massage the rider’s back to relieve any stress.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to enjoy your bike trip and look forward to the next one together as rider and pillion !

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