8 Best Camps in Pangong Lake { Leh Ladakh }

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Camping at Pangong Tso lake in Ladakh is something that has to be done at least once in a lifetime. The camps in Pangong Tso are along the Spangmik Village in Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir. Most Pangong lake camps are overlooking the crystal clear blue waters of Pangong Tso. It’s difficult to pick the best camp at pangong lake as it depends on many factors and personal choices but here is a list of the best camps in Pangong lake that you should look at before finalising your stay in any of the camps at Pangong lake. Please bear in mind that the electricity in most camps in Pangong lake goes off by 10-11PM as there is no continuous supply. Enjoy your stay at the camps in Pangong lake for the beauty and experience and do not expect urban luxury in terms of electricity and internet connectivity.

Best Camps in Pangong Lake

1. Pangong Resort Camp

Pangong resort is one of the best Pangong camp location wise. It is just 100 m from the Pangong Tso lake and the point where 3 idiots was shot is just 400 m away or closer depending on which tent you are staying in. They also have basic rooms in case you feel that camping is not for you and you’d like to shift into a warmer accommodation. The food has mixed reviews from visitors but it is definitely better in the season. The staff is well equipped for handling any health situations and will provide first aid and get you back on your feet in no time.


  1. They can give you Jain meals.
  2. They can arrange a bonfire on prior request.

2. Pangong Retreat Luxury Camp

Pangong Retreat camp at Pangong offers tented accommodation at the unspoiled natural surroundings of Spangmik with a wonderful view of the Pangong Lake with the snow capped mountains as the backdrop. However, it is far from the lake and not really on the banks of Pangong Tso. The view however is breathtaking for a higher vantage point of the Pangong retreat camp.

Pangong Retreat Camp
Overland Escape
Raku Complex, Fort Road,
Leh, Ladakh 194101
Ph: 01982 257858 / 255881
Mobile:+91 9858995550 / 7298121318

Website: http://www.pangongretreat.com/index.php
Email: info@pangongretreat.com / info@overlandescape.com

3. Pangong Delight Camp

Pangong Delight Camp used to be a good camp but too many camps have come up in this location and it has become very commercialised. They struggle with service and providing hot water in the colder months. The views are great and its near Pangong Lake but there are better options available.

4. Pangong Sarai Camp

This camp is again one of the best camps in Pangong Lake. People like it because it is 8 km further away from most properties in the area but the downside is that this 8km stretch of road is a dirt track that takes an extra 1 hour to travel. Probably the only camp that has swiss tents with wooden doors, the tents are very comfortable and warm at night. The lake is about 100 m from the tents and a early morning walk at the lake is one of the best experiences as this camp is situated in a secluded area so you can enjoy the peace you came for. If you do not mind the back breaking extra mile, book the Pangong Sarai Camp.

5. Nature’s Nest Camp Pangong Lake

Finding Nature’s Nest camp might be a little difficult as there is only one signboard in sight. They have two type of camps in Pangong lake – deluxe and super deluxe. Deluxe tents are basic and small, bathrooms are ok as compared to super deluxe camps. They provide you with a quilt , hot water bags, complimentary coffee and tea on arrival. Hot water is also available on request and there is no set time as is the case with a lot of other camps. The electricity at night is till 10 PM but they provide you with an emergency night lamp. The dining area is cemented and comfortable while eating. The service is also good.

This camp is one the few camps in Pangong lake who deliver their promise in terms of location as it is located right on the banks of Pangong Tso.

6. Camp Whispering Waves Pangong

Whispering Waves Camp, Pangong is located 500m away from the banks of Pangong Tso Lake in Spangmik Village 150km from Leh. They have 15 attached new and strong deluxe tents with en-suite facilities cold running water in each tent, facing the beautiful Pangong lake. All tents are wall to wall carpeted & boutique style d├ęcor with wall. The food and service is great and it shot to fame owing to Anushka Sharma and Shahrukh Khan staying here during the shooting of their movie ‘Jab tak hai Jaan’.

Pro Tip: Not all tents have an unobstructed view so make sure you book those that do.

7. Martsemik Camp Pangong

You can see the video of Martsemik Camp in Pangong to get an idea about it.

This is the first camp that appears when you enter the Pangong Lake area. You really don’t need to go any further and you can get good view of the lake from this camp. There is enough parking space available here for around 30 cars so quite an adequate place. They have a good kitchen and the food is good as well. The generator is switched on from 6-11 PM and no light after that. They have basic tents and bathrooms and the water available is salt water. The breakfast is served at 7 AM which might be a problem for some.

8. Redstart Camp Pangong

Camp RedStart is Pangong Tso is named after a bird called ‘Redstart’ that is very common in this area. The camp is very well known for its service and polite staff. Camp Redstart is manned by staff from Ladakh and Himachal who lend that extra hill hospitality and warmth that is hard to find elsewhere.

The food is okay, mostly canned but that’s how most camps in Pangong will be because it’s quite far away from civilization. The location even though near the Pangong lake is a steep climb of around half a kilometer from the banks of the lake. Some people do not like it and want to be right at the bank, others are thankful that it is a little far away as it is very windy and cold at the banks of Pangong Tso.

Pangong lake camp booking

To book any of these camps in lake Pangong, just call them or email them well in advance.

Pro Tip: Contact any of the camps in Pangong lake directly instead of going through MMT or Yatra and you will get a good deal.


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