10 Important Tips to remember before travelling to Bangkok

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Before, travelling to any new place there are some basic questions that come to mind. Many people ask me these question, before their travel plans. This is a list of some of those very questions that I hope would help you whether you are travelling to Bangkok for a day or longer !

1. What are the Visa requirements to visit Bangkok?

Indian passport holders need a Visa to enter Bangkok.

2. Can I get Visa on Arrival?

Indian passport holders can get Visa on arrival for 15 days for 1,000 Baht. For longer periods, you need to apply in advance.

3. What other documents do I require for Visa on arrival?

  • The applicant must possess means of living expenses 10,000 Baht per person and 20,000 Baht per family.
  • The applicant must produce full paid ticket which is usable within 15 days since the date of entry.

4. How do I carry money to Bangkok? 

Take American Dollars (USD) in cash and get them exchanged from money exchangers.

You can alternatively get forex cards and withdraw money from the ATMS without any charge.

5. Where can I get the best rate for Dollars?

Do not go to a bank to exchange money. The best rates are given by the forex counters at every train (metro) station. Usually, you will find two or three of them, compare the rates and go to the one who offers the best rate.

6. What about food?

Bangkok is famous for its street food and it is quite good and easy on the pocket. Go ahead and try some noodle soups, coconut water, barbequed seafood, potatoes, scorpions and whatever you desire !

One must-try dish popular with the majority is Sticky rice with Mango !

7. Is the street food safe?

Completely ! And if you’re used to eating street food in India, you already have guts of steel !

8. Any tips for shopping?

Bargain. Bargain. Bargain. This is ladies stuff, boys, stay out of it unless you want to attract the attention of lady-boys ! Yes, many locals have 2 work shifts – shopkeepers by day time and performers by night 😉

9. Where do I stay?

There are a whole lot of accommodation options available in Bangkok and throughout Thailand. You can book on hotel booking sites, Yatra, AirBnb or explain your requirements to a travel agent who can design a tailor made itinerary for you and book your accommodation and tickets.

10. Are the streets safe at night?

In terms of safety, getting mugged or bag snatching, I found Bangkok pretty safe but you must be alert and travel with the common sense that you would in your daily life.

Bangkok is known to turn into a notorious city at night with stalls selling dildos and porn DVDs on the street. If you are travelling with kids or with a not-so-adventurous wife, stay clear of the area between the NaNa Plaza and Soi Cowboy, it is known for such stuff. Also, Soi 7/1. But believe me, the real Bangkok fun is right here !

So good luck, have fun travelling to Bangkok !

If you have any other questions about travelling to Bangkok that I might have missed out, do use the comment section to point them out so that I can try and answer them for you.


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