Travelling to Singapore on a budget? Don’t leave home without these hacks !

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Traveling to Singapore and worried about how much you will end up spending on your vacation? Arm yourself with with these Singapore on a budget tips and tricks guide that no one will tell you about.

Singapore like any other International travel destination can be expensive but there are ways to travel around Singapore on a budget . Most of the travel tips for Singapore below are general in nature but some of them can help you save 100s of SGD, so read carefully !

Food in Singapore on a Budget:

  1. Food Courts in Singapore offer a lot more variety than restaurants and are cheaper.

  2. Food courts close by 8:30 – 9PM. So hurry up and have that dinner.

  3. Practise your chopsticks before attempting to eat in Singapore. It’s fun when you do what the locals do.

  4. Prawns will be served with the shell, tell them you want it without.

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Carry With You at All Times to save money in Singapore:

  1. No one uses the tissue paper, carry em in your bag or buy face tissues.

Travelling / Getting Around in Singapore:

  1. But an MRT card and travel by the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport, the counterpart of Metro in India)

  2. The MRT card works in local buses as well as taxis.

  3. Taxis are expensive and demand a fixed surcharge if on call.

Communication in Singapore:

  1. People in Singapore largely understand English but when communicating with them in English, break your words and say it slow. Use hand gestures and face expressions.

Currency Exchange for best rate in Singapore:

10. The best place to get your Rupee exchanged to Singapore Dollar is at the Mustafa Center in Little India.


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