Read Before visiting Indore’s Sarafa Bazar

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Image of two girls at Indore Sarafa Bazar If you are visiting Indore Sarafa Bazar for the first time, it can be a little daunting as it is a crowded night market. Sarafa Bazar serves famous Indori street food and there are more vendors than you can imagine. Equip yourself with this simple but important information before visiting Indore’s Sarafa Bazar.

About Indore Sarafa Bazar:

Sarafa Bazar is the jeweller’s street in Indore that gets a second life at night as a street food market.

Sarafa Bazzar Timings:

It comes alive at 9 PM everyday and you can enjoy the delicacies prepared by the street vendors and food shops here till 2 AM.

How to reach Indore’s Sarafa Bazar:

Cabs and auto rickshaws can drop you here though, everyone I saw had their own transport. Ola is very popular in Indore and you can easily book an Ola cab to and from sarafa bazar.

Parking at Sarafa Bazar Indore:

If you’re taking your own vehicle don’t worry about parking it. Although, there is no designated parking for visitors, you will find many empty spots to park your vehicle in the galis around sarafa bazar.

Safety at Sarafa Bazar:

For those of you who are concerned about the safety and mob behaviour that India has recently become so infamous for, I was very impressed with the way the police is managing this street. There is a constable stationed every 100 m not only on the sarafa bazaar street but also in the nearby galis that are used for parking. I also saw the patrolling vehicle twice where we parked.

Indore Sarafa Bazar For kids:

Sarafa bazar is very family friendly. Kids can enjoy the sweet delicacies like kulfi falooda, shrikhand, malpua and kulfi. Other than these, there are vendors offering pizza, pasta, shakes, juices and chocolate flavoured stuff that kids of all ages will enjoy.

What to eat at Sarafa Bazar Indore:

Eat what gets your mouth watering but for specific must haves, here is a list of my top 11 things to eat at Sarafa Bazar Indore.

What to buy at Indore Sarafa Bazar:

Other than stuff to eat right there, you can get some food stuff packed like the shrikhand. There are also mithai vendors that will pack sweets for home. You can also get gajak if you like that. Kids can also enjoy buying little knick knacks to tinker around with and keep them busy.


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