10 Important Tips to know before planning your South Africa Trip

South Africa, Tips

1. Cheapest port to Land into or Fly out of ?


2. What’s Not to be Missed in South Africa?

A self drive holiday through the Garden Route & visiting the KwaZulu Natal area (close to Durban).

3. South African Visa for Indian Nationals?

Have to apply in advance. Read about the South African Visa Process in detail, here.

4. Best Cellular Network for Voice and Data?

Vodacom and MTN.

5. Best Cellular Network for making calls to India?

Cell C (charges 1ZAR / minute).

6. Budget Airlines in South Africa?

Mango, Kulula, SafAir

7. Budget Car Rental Companies in South Africa?

Thrifty, First Car

8. Currency Exchange in South Africa?

Currency Exchange should be done in one of the Banks. Just walk in and compare the rates. The important point however, is to get enough USD changed at one time so that you don’t have to go to the bank again because each cash transaction is chargeable in South African Banking system.

I would also suggest getting your credit card activated for International expenditure. Yes, you have to give special instructions to your bank when you’re travelling to Africa and what to activate your card for International expenditure. The credit card companies will charge you 3 – 3.5% commission after the exchange rate and it works out the same as getting the cash exchanged. Also, you can get some sweet deals if you’re using your credit card online or connect it to wallets and apps !

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9. Interesting Indian Influence in South Africa?

Durban is a city inhabited by people of Indian origin. If you are interested in Indian Influence in the world, visit Durban. The Durban Indians are quite similar to Indian but very different at the same time. BUNNY CHOW is a dish invented by the Indians there to resemble their Indian diet and eating habits. You can read more about Bunny Chow, here.

10. Souvenir Shopping in South Africa?

South Africa is not a budget friendly country for souvenir or handicraft shopping. Buy from Swaziland or Lesotho for a better deal, if planning a trip to these countries as well. Otherwise, Uganda (Entebbe), Kenya (Meru) and Tanzania (Zanzibar) are also great places to buy Souvenirs from in Africa.

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