Essential things to pack for Goa { Stylish Beach Guide }

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Goa is the perfect ‘anytime’ beach vacation. To make sure that you have just fun and no sunburn on the beaches of Goa bookmark this Goa essentials checklist that lists all things to pack for Goa. Don’t forget to put them on your shopping list for Goa to have a relaxing Goa beach vacation !

Things to pack for Goa { Beauty and Cosmetics }

  1. Sunscreen with spf 50 or above – Sunglasses are not enough to protect yourself from the sun. Unlike the westerners with pale skin, Indians need to protect their complexion and should apply a mid range spf sunscreen to help. But when you’re on the beaches of Goa, the best sunscreen for Goa would be above SPF 50 and something that is waterproof. Add our recommended sunscreen to your shopping list.
  2. Lip Balm – Goa can get dry sometimes especially with all that Breezer and Beer going into your system. Carry your favourite lip balm to stay beautiful and hydrated.
  3. Shampoo – The sand and water at the beach can make your hair dry. Carry your favourite hydrating shampoo for a trip to Goa. Do not rely on the hotel toiletries.
  4. Conditioner – Same goes with this. Carry your own conditioner and use it religiously.

Clothes to wear in Goa

  1. Tank Tops / Spaghettis Dress basic. Spaghettis and tank tops in solid colours or prints can be teamed up with anything. They make your bags light and give you room for choice.
  2. Shorts / Cotton Trousers – Another piece of clothing to pack when trying to dress basic are shorts or lose fitting cotton trousers or pyjamas. They will keep you cool in the summer sun and dry faster.
  3. Dresses – Carry a couple of dresses for Goa trip depending on the number of days you’re going to stay in Goa. Dresses in Goa are perfect for a romantic evening stroll or dinner. They are also great for beach parties.

Beachwear for Goa

  1. Bikini / Tankini – Beaches are about getting wet and the best way to do that without the salt sticking all over your body is to wear a good swimsuit. If you have a toned body, go for a bikini else pick up a swimsuit from the various styles available these days. Tankinis also look great on Indian figures. Although, if you really want to enjoy the beach, bikinis are the most functional piece of clothing you can wear.
  2. Sarong / Multi drape cover ups – Don’t forget to carry a couple of sarongs to drape around you after a day of fun at the beach. Sarongs are extremely feminine and easy to drape in multiple styles to achieve the look you like. You can also buy beach coverups that you can style as a tube dress, a skirt or a sarong.
  3. Straw Hat – Another great way to keep the sun away and look stylish at the same time is to get the perfect straw hat. How to pack it? Well, that’s another tutorial in itself but whatever size you pick, make sure that it fits in your bag.

Things to Pack for Goa { Fashion Accessories }

  1. pack-mirrored-sunglasses-beach-list-travel-goa-fashion Mirrored Sunglasses – Sunglasses with a mirror like reflective finish in bright hues are all the rage this season! Buy them
    in aviator or wayfarer style, if don’t own a pair already. And it’s not just for vanity purpose but extremely functional too, because the intensity of the sunlight reflected by the sand on the beach is much more than you what you experience in daily life and reflective glasses help protect the eyes from these harsh rays. Also see my other favourite travel sunglasses with interchangeable frames from Carrera.
  2. Crocs Footwear for Goa – Footwear by Crocs are very versatile and whether you’re strolling on the beach or walking down the street markets of Goa, you’ll be extremely comfortable wearing them. Invest in a pair of thongs for the beach and you’ll never want to wear anything else to the beach ever again.
  3. Chunky Jewellery – Because the clothes you will be wearing on the beach are going to be pretty basic, carry some chunky jewellery to give your look a stylish touch. Pack in some light weight chunky pieces that are not too heavy for your bags and your neck. You can wear the jewellery to the beach or the parties to perk up your ensemble. And leave the expensive watches at home. Carry silicone strap watches if they are a must for you.
  4. Scarves – Another thing you can use to accessorise yourself is a printed scarf. It’s a must pack accessory because not only does a nicely draped scarf make you look great, it can also save you from a sore throat on days when the evening wind gets nippy. You can also tie it around your waist or the beach bag to add more oomph to your stylish look !
  5. Large Tote – And finally, a big, beautiful, waterproof, lightweight tote to carry all your essential stuff in.

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Things to pack for Goa { Tech Gear }

  1. Camera – Goa vacation are super fun so make sure you carry your camera along !
  2. Selfie Stick – Take along a selfie stick to mount your phone camera on and share all the holiday fun instantly on your social media accounts !

Things to pack for Goa { Health and Safety }

  1. Medicines – Always carry medicines as a first aid box wherever you go.
  2. Cure for Hangover – Have a favourite cure for hangover? Make sure you carry it along with you if you or someone with you is planning to drink.
  3. Hand Sanitizer – One of the most important things to carry to Goa is a hand sanitizer. I can’t stress enough on the benefits of travelling with a hand sanitiser in India especially in Goa.
  4. Wet Wipes – It can get humid and sweaty in Goa. Carrying a packet of wet wipes will help you stay fresh and moisturised. Also important if you’re travelling with a baby. Click here for Traveling with baby Checklist.

So there you have your checklist for Goa trip will all the stuff to take to Goa, just book a flight and rock that Goa vacation !

P.S. This list of important things to carry to Goa will double up as a checklist of things to carry while travelling to beach, any beach !

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