About Jodhpur City, the heart of Rajasthan – To do and Must see


About Jodhpur City

No amount of words spoken about Jodhpur city will ever do justice to its beauty and its grandeur. Jodhpur city is the heart of Rajasthan. It might not be the capital or the largest city in Rajasthan but it is the grandest! I have been to Jodhpur multiple times and here is a classic to-do and must-see list for exploring Jodhpur to the fullest whether you are looking for local experience or a tourist interested in the points of interest in Jodhpur.

Jodhpur India Points of Interest :

Umaid Bhawan – Umaid Bhawan has now been converted into a Taj property apart from being home to the Royal family. It has a small museum about the family and their artefacts. Their vintage car collection was the highlight of my trip. You can get a view of the palace from many points in the city including Hanwant Mahal Jodhpur as it is constructed on the highest point of Jodhpur. In fact, my Oyo Room had a great view of Umaid Bhawan !

Mehrangarh Fort – Mehrangarh Fort is one of the largest forts in India, built around 1460 by Rao Jodha. The city is built around this fort and there are roads leading to and from the fort. You can get a view of the fort from many rooftops and while driving around the city. It is also home to the famous Jodhpur RIFF festival that happens every year.

Clock Tower – It is a famous landmark in the Old City. It was constructed by Maharaja Sardar Singh between 1880 and 1911. The clock tower offers a good view of the fort. Adjacent to it is Sardar Market for a great local shopping experience. During the Jodhpur RIFF Festival, the town congregates here at night for its opening ceremony. This place is a must visit in Jodhpur at night.

bengali sufi singers at jaswant thada on the day or Rajasthan International folk festival (RIFF) Dawns Jaswant ThadaJaswant Thada was built in memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh in 1899. The best time to visit Jaswant Thada is either at dawn or at dusk. The tranquility of its marble construction is mesmerizing. The grounds of Jaswant Thada houses a multilevel garden, intricately carved gazebos and a pond. Watching the sunrise and sunset is enchanting from here and you can also get a view of the ‘blue city’ and Mehrangarh fort from here.

Ajit Singh Bhawan – Visit Ajit Singh Bhawan is you have a longer stay. You can have lunch or dinner here after appreciating their collection of vintage cars. I loved their serene, white, outdoor area. We enjoyed a delicious lunch with beer on a warm summer afternoon with some cool breeze blowing.

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Shopping in Jodhpur:

Kotsa – One of the newer places I discovered in Jodhpur, it houses eclectic and antique pieces. A must visit when in Jodhpur to get an idea of the products available and the prices are quite good too. UPDATE: Kotsa has been discontinued.

Dhurries – Dhurries are handwoven in the nearby villages and Jodhpur is a great place to pick up some vibrant rugs in cotton, wool or Jute.

Sardar Market – Sardar Market, adjacent to the Clock Tower is a great place to shop for handicrafts like juttis, bandhani/Leheriya sarees or dupattas and readymade turbans.

Teak Wood Furniture – There are many teak wood exporters in Jodhpur. One of the more famous one is ‘Sunrise Exports’.

Fort Area Market – The area around the fort is also a bustling market with shops that sell a variety of handicrafts. It is a good place to pick up a quick souvenir if you are on a short trip. But beware that it is expensive as it is a tourist spot. Shop from the Clock Tower market instead.

Best Places to Eat in Jodhpur:

Bal Samand Palace – Bal Samand Palace is on the Bal Samand Lake. Visit the palace in the evening to saunter around the man made lake and explore the palace. Stay a little longer to have dinner on the palace lawns.

Mishrilal Hotel famous for makhaniya lassi at clocktower jodhpur Hanwant Mahal Jodhpur – None of the blogs are going to mention this about Jodhpur city but Hanwant Mahal Jodhpur must be on your list for lunch in Jodhpur. A fine dining restaurant, Hanwant Mahal will give you a sense of dining like royalty. Try the Lal Maans with Doodhiya Roti here.

Makhaniya Lassi – Although, the famous Makhaniya lassi (Lassi with butter and cream) is available almost everywhere in Jodhpur, its best had at the Sri Mishrilal Hotel at the Ghanta Ghar or Clock Tower.

Janta Sweet House – This is probably the most famous sweet House in Jodhpur given the proximity to the Railway Station. Try their Mawa Kachori and Mirchi Pakoda, a Jodhpuri favourite!

Hooters – I was in splits when I heard of the Hotel – ‘Hooters’ in Jodhpur? You don’t think of a ‘Hooter’ when you think about Jodhpur city but this is a highly recommended budget restaurant for it’s local cuisine and rooftop restaurant views. It’s also one of the few non vegetarian restaurants in city centre.

CrossRoads – If you’re missing home and have had enough local cuisine, hit Crossroads, a continental restaurant popular among the locals. It serves Chinese, Mexican and North Indian cuisines. There’s also a comforting ice cream parlour right outside the restaurant.

Shastri Circle – Chaat lovers must spend an evening at Shastri circle. Just walk around and choose what you fancy – from Vada Pav to Hakka Noodles or Gol Gappe to Masala Bun, wish and you shall get it at Shastri circle.

Kim Bakery (15 AD) – The oldest bakery in town, Kim Bakery now has three branches in Jodhpur. You are bound to cross it while travelling within Jodhpur. So, just take a pit stop and get stock on some calories.

Cafe Frespresso – Coffee Addicts have three options – Cafe Coffee Day, Cafe Coffee Break but Cafe Frespresso is the best option to unwind over a coffee or have a tweet up. Don’t believe me? Ask a local you trust and you’ll be pointed towards Fresspresso !

AFC – Missing KFC? Jodhpur has it’s own version of it – ‘American Fried Chicken’. And I have to say, it’s good !

On The Rocks – For a happening night out whether you’re in a mood for a romantic dinner, casual get together or even clubbing, head to On The Rocks. You won’t be disappointed !

Hotels in Jodhpur

I booked Hotel Chandra Inn in Jodhpur through Oyo Rooms. Oyo Rooms have a good offering in Jodhpur for both budget and luxury hotels in Jodhpur. Read here about why I chose Oyo Rooms in Jodhpur.

This is as comprehensive a list you will ever get about Jodhpur city. Let us know which point of interest in Jodhpur you enjoyed the most !

Getting about Jodhpur City

Ola and Uber were my chosen way of transport to get about Jodhpur city but you can also hail auto rickshaws or tuk tuks like some of you know them by. Some backpacker hostels also let you hire motorbikes and cycles.

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