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1441 Pizzeria, Koregaon Park, Pune

Our first outing in Pune was to 1441 Pizzeria Koregaon Park. Their reviews on zomato are quite impressive so we decided to give this one-of-a-kind ‘make your own pizza restaurant’ a roll. And boy, were we bowled over !

An Indian startup by TrueFitt & Hill, 1441 Pizzeria promises to serve you freshly baked Pizzas just the way they are supposed to be ! They have many pre selected topping options in the Chef’s Special menu but if that doesn’t cut it for you, go ahead and make your own Pizza by selecting the Classic or Gourmet option.

Make your own Pizza – Classic

Choose this if you’re mainly looking to order a vegetarian pizza. You will have 20 vegetarian topping options to choose from. The cheese however, is just one option – mozarella.

Make your own Pizza – Gourmet

Choose the Gourmet Pizza option to make a non vegetarian pizza with unlimited topping options and additional variety of 3 cheese option. We of course used all the three cheese options so it turned out to be a quattro formagi Pizza including the mozarella. But unlike a quattro formagi, it did have all the chosen options of toppings.

1441 Pizzeria Menu

Above all, we were quite thrilled with the whole make your own pizza concept and I guess it showed. The manager invited us behind the counter to ‘actually’ make our own pizza ! You can see the hubby in this picture as our chef-for-the-day. Our daughter was so thrilled because firstly, her dad was making a pizza for her and secondly, because he was wearing an apron, chef’s hat and rubber gloves. As a result, he did look like a pro !

Most importantly, they are quite strict about changing gloves when you handle veg toppings after no veg toppings and made him change the gloves when we wanted to add some paprika after the non veg toppings so that’s a good thing for all you vegetarians out there.

And that’s our Gourmet Pizza with four cheese variants and chosen toppings, ready to go into the wood fire oven.

My daughter was so excited because her dad was making the pizza. So excited that she is trying to copy her Pizza chef daddy in the photo above. She used the tent card on the table to make her own chef’s hat so that she can pose like daddy 🙂 How cute is that !

Recommended Orders

  • Gourmet Pizza for Non Vegetarians
  • Classic Pizza for Vegetarians
  • Nutella Dough Balls

To sum up, we had a great time at this unique Pizzeria in Koregaon Park, Pune. The restaurant has branches in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and will be expanding to other cities soon (we hope so). Meanwhile, other locations of this restaurant are listed below.

  • 1441 pizzeria seasons mall pune
  • 1441 Pizzeria lower parel mumbai
  • 1441 Pizzeria malad mumbai
  • 1441 Pizzeria prabhadevi mumbai
  • 1441 Pizzeria fort mumbai
  • 1441 Pizzeria Thane
  • 1441 Pizzeria Bangalore JP Nagar

Meanwhile, to know more about 1441 Pizzeria’s history, click on Brand Story

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