A Bombay vacation for the soul


mumbai Bombay vacation The City Of Dreams is never really considered as a destination for vacations but it should! The energy enveloping the Bombay is so infectious that it would refresh you in a way you would never expect. Even within the chaos of being a city that never sleeps, Mumbai will never fail to charm you with its positive and lively vibe, anytime of the year or for that matter, day. A Bombay vacation will be good for you.

For those staying in Bangalore, Mumbai is only a couple of hours by flight and Bangalore to Mumbai flights are frequently available on a daily basis. You may, however, want to book your flights a few days in advance to avoid the peak rates. After all, Bangalore to Mumbai is one of the most busy route in India. Accommodation is not hard to find but I would definitely recommend you to stay at least once at the JW Marriott for an impeccably luxurious experience. The same goes for all you Delhites. If you have stayed in Delhi all your life, a Bombay vacation will be good for your soul and will bring you back to earth. Don’t know what I mean? Well, you won’t unless you visit this mecca called Mumbai.

If you are visiting Mumbai for the first time, or have stopped by for business but never really had the time to experience life in the city, here are 3 things you must experience for a taste of the ethereal Mumbai!

nariman point mumbai Marina Bay

Take a walk on the Marina Bay

As cliche as it may sound, a walk by the bay is sure to give your soul the much needed respite from the monotony of life and force you to look inwards. This is one of the best places to chill with your bestie for a heart-to-heart conversation or just by yourself. It’ll do you good to lose yourself to the energy of nature and humanity at the same time. And if you manage a session by the bay in the rains, there’s nothing like it – we all have seen too many movies to know what an experience that can be !

Visit: Visit the Chowpatty any time of the day or night and mingle with the locals.

Eat: An ice cream sandwich at the family owned Parsi ice cream parlour since generations – K. Rustom Ice Cream, 87 Stadium House, Opposite Ambassador Hotel, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate, Mumbai

Go club hopping

Home to one of the hottest nightlife in the country, Mumbai is crawling with pubs and discotheques like nowhere in the country. Whether you start partying at 6 in the evening or 10 in the night, you are bound to be in for an all-nighter and will only catch yourself returning at the break of dawn!

Hottest Clubs: Blue Frog, Masala Bar, Tryst, Trilogy, Club Sirkus & Drop.

Hunt down awesome restaurants

If you’re a foodie and you’re in Mumbai, you know you’re in for unbelievable treat. From the one and only finger-licking good vada pao to the innumerable varieties of chaat to gourmet dishes and alcohol-infused desserts, Mumbai is a food lover’s delight and can turn you into a connoisseur of taste if you are here long enough!

Try alcohol infused desserts at: Haute Artisan Creations, Powai & Scoopalicious Ice Cream Boutique, Bandra West

Best vada pao at: Ashok Vada Pao at Prabhadevi

There’s a reason why Mumbai is called the City Of Dreams because it really does make you dream of a good life – a life filled with all the comfort of a city life, yet surrounded by a vintage charm which is hard to come by. So take a couple of days off, pack your bags and head off to this charming place!

Parsi food at Brittania : Go there on the weekdays for lunch. IT is not open for dinner. Enjoy the famous Parsi cuisine and Irani Chai.

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