Bangalore to Goa by Road { Best Route by Car / Motorcycle }

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We travelled from Bangalore to Goa by road last weekend and as most people would do, we relied on Google maps. The route by car on Google Maps seemed fine most of the way, other than the fact that it took us through a village with dirt tracks for about 8 km. The ghat area, although beautiful, was painstakingly long.

Bangalore to Goa by car distance : 560 km

It didn’t help that we were travelling from Bangalore to Goa by Road in the monsoon season. But I’ll again stress on the fact that any route you take from Bangalore to Goa by road during the monsoons will be refreshing and green. You can open your windows without a care in the world and smell the roses – figuratively.


There were four of us travelling from Bangalore to Goa by road in a Baleno with a 1 year old baby in a car seat. Owing to this fact, we were easy on the curves and the speed. We started at 1PM as we had planned a night cap in Hubali and weren’t very sure about how long the baby would stay strapped in the car seat. We took ample breaks for lunch, coffee and to just click some pictures on the way. We reached Hubali at 9 PM as we experienced a lot of rainfall on the way. Next, morning we started by 10:30 after breakfast and reached Goa by 4 PM at leisure.

The route we took from Bangalore to Goa by Road was as google maps suggested. You can see it below:

As mentioned before, this Bangalore to Goa route by car took us through a village on dirt tracks for about 8 km and wasn’t the very best route. Because of the rains, the expected time of arrival also kept increasing and wasn’t a short route either.

Best Route to take from Bangalore to Goa by Road

We read many bangalore to goa road trip blogs but didn’t find the best route to take anywhere. On our way back, a friend helped us with a random location between the highway from Bangalore to Goa by road route. If you are staying in North Goa, this route takes you all the way to South Goa – Mollem – Anmod. It has very little ghat section till it meets this custom point on the Bangalore to Goa highway. From this point onwards, you can feed any Bangalore location on Google maps and carry on the Bangalore – Goa highway by car or motorbike. You can see the route from Goa to Bangalore below. This is the best route to take from Bangalore to Goa by Road and vice versa.

To trace the same route from Bangalore to Goa, follow the map below.

Bangalore to Goa by car best route 2017

Look for directions from Bengaluru to Darbandora–Sancordem–Mollem–Collem Rd, Mollem, Goa 403410, Goa 403410. Once you’re on this road, look for directions to Goa. This is the best route to take from Bangalore to Goa by Road whether you’re travelling by car or a motorcycle. There are no dirt tracks on this route and the ghat area is also less. This lets you keeps your peace of mind and enjoy the scenic and green route through the ghats.

Bangalore to Goa by Car Review

Bangalore to Goa road condition is very good. 8 km of dirt track on the first route but the second route has great roads. It makes for a very comfortable drive even when traveling with a baby on road.

Bangalore to Goa by Car 2017 { Toll Information }

{ 1st Route } Bangalore to Goa by Car – Spent INR 731 via Nice Road

{ 2nd Route } Goa to Bangalore by Car – Spent INR 558

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  • Hi, we are traveling tomorrow to Goa and we would like to take the first route that you suggested as per google maps. We are relying on Google too. But it current says, the road is closed, did you face anything similar? Like a detour near Ponda? Is that the village route you are referring to? This is the first time we are driving to Goa from Bangalore and would be better with the safer option.

    • There was no detour that we encountered. You can take the google map recommended route and you will get to Goa but in the recommended time. So take buffer… It is monsoon season so you’ll get further delayed if it rains.

      I strongly recommend the second route. It’s safer and straighter. Just trust it and go ! Lemme know which one you eventually chose and how your experience was. Happy travels !

  • Hi Shivani, I am Planning to Visit goa during Christmas . Can you please tell me how many kilometers of ghat roads we have to take during the same and if its safe to drive during night ?

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