6 Must See Places in Bangalore that will amaze you

Bangalore, Karnataka

Bangalore has evolved from a simple pensioner’s paradise to a booming metropolis. Bangalore has many places of interest but in this article, let’s cover the 6 best must see places in Bangalore that one cannot miss. Known for its gardens and Information Technology parks, the city grows on you. With its hospitable environment and friendly people, it carries a certain charm that makes one fall in love with the city and call it home.

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Let’s round you up on the city. Here are some of the must see places in Bangalore.

Must See Places in Bangalore


1. Tipu Sultan Fort

Originally constructed by Kempegowda in 1537 with mud bricks, the Tipu Sultan Fort stands tall within Bangalore’s city limits. It was first modified and extended by Haider Ali with granite stones. Tipu Sultan finally completed it in 1791 and this was his summer retreat and this in one of the must see places in Bangalore. The palace is lined with pillars, carved arches and balconies that adds to the beauty of the place. The palace brings out the best of Islamic style and architecture. You can find a Ganesha within the temple premises. Historians believe that this shows that Tipu believed in religious tolerance. You can learn more about the historical facts of this palace at the art gallery in the fort with its paintings, carvings and photos.


2. Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens

The famous Lal Bagh gardens is spread across a 240 acres of land and has over 1800 species of plants, trees and herbs. It got its name thanks to Tipu’s love for red roses that bloomed right through the year. Initially, it was constructed by Haider Ali and modified later by Tipu Sultan. The famous Glass House draws millions of visitors through the year and draws thousands every day during the flower exhibitions.


3. Bangalore Palace

The Bangalore Palace was constructed in its Tudor style which was inspired by the Windsor Castle in England. It was constructed by Chamaraja Wodeyar in 1884 and stands as a masterpiece within the 430 acre gardens. Constructed in a Tudor style, it has Gothic windows, wood carvings and turrets. The lawns today are used for several weddings, exhibitions and musical festivals.


4. Nandi Hills

Located just 60 kilometres from Bangalore is the Nandi Hills. It is known to be a huge monolithic granite mass with a spectacular view. The Palar and Arkavathi rivers originate from here. The hill was named in honour of the Nandi temple which is at the top of the hill. The hill is 1478 metres above sea level and has a pleasant climate. Nandi Hills is known for its panoramic views and is best seen at day break and this is again one of the must see places in Bangalore. Tourist attractions on the hills include the Tippu’s Summer Palace and Fort, the origins of Palar and Arkavathi rivers, a Horse Way, Amruth Sarovar, Tipu Drop and Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple.

Nandi Hills also offers paragliding, if you are looking for some adventure.

PRO TIP: Start early morning as soon as 5 AM from Bangaore to beat the traffic whether on a weekday or a weekend. Traffic can get really bad in Bengaluru, so gear up !


5. Visvesvaraya Industrial And Technological Museum

On the border of Cubbon Park lies the famous Visvesvaraya Industrial And Technological museum that covers 40,000 square feet. The museum is famous for its science fairs and houses artifacts related to aviation, telecommunication, rockets, engines and much more. There are several activities which include a Sky Observation Programme, Science Demonstration Show and talks on science. For students, there are science fairs, creative ability contest and quiz competitions. This is a must see places in Bangalore with special interest for the IT crowd.


6. ISKON Temple

There are two ISKON Temples in Bangalore. They are the ISKCON Sri Radha Krishna Temple and Sri Sudarshana Narasimha Temple. Several devotees visit the temple from near and far and is regarded as a sacred place. The temples are devoted to Lord Krishna and are situated in Rajaji Nagar ad Vaikuntha Hill, Kanakapura Road. There is also a Krishna Lila Theme Park at Vaikuntha Hill that displays the rich cultural heritage of India with the use of modern technology.

From the cosmopolitan pub culture to a unique and distinct heritage, there are many must see places in Bangalore that will never let Bangalore fall short of surprising you !

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