A Stylish Traveller’s Perfect Pair of Sunglasses !


The interchangeable framed Sunglasses by Carrera !

Not available online in India yet but I already love Carrera for just coming up with the perfect pair of sunglasses for stylish travellers ! I specially, have a hard time with carrying sunglasses during my travels because I have to carry at least two pairs. One for the power and the other without, for when I have the contact lenses on. Therefore, my choices become very limited and I’m someone who likes to dress up light and functional but stylish at the same time.

How do you carry 5 sunglasses or more for long trips that can be mixed and matched with your outfits and looks but still occupy less space and weigh light?

I’ve been looking for an answer and it’s here, finally! Carrera has launched these interchangeable frames in bright hues as well as interesting camouflage patterns that can just be clipped onto the basic black frame to suit your outfit. They’re everything I’ve been waiting for, well almost – Creative, Eclectic, Bright, Light Weight and now I can carry as many sunglasses as I wish to !

They are available in their best selling shapes and that is squared and round. Original multi-coating or mirrored lenses complete these glasses’ fashion-forward style. They are this season’s must-have as well as a travellers all season must-have !

You can see the collection below:




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