Sunday Soul Sante Bangalore – A Market for the Soul !

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I was lucky to be in in town when Soul Sante Bangalore happened this weekend in all its pre Christmas glory. In fact, I have been to another earlier edition of Soul Sante Bangalore about 3 years back when it had just started. I was quite mesmerized by the products and stalls at the Sunday Soul Sante, each more creative than the other. But then some friends told me that Soul Sante was not as exciting as it used to be earlier and was not worth going to. So when a local told me about the festival, I wasn’t keen to drive down all the way to Whitefield ( Soul Sante Bangalore Venue ) from MG Road in the infamous Bangalore traffic but she somehow convinced me to.

And I was quite happy to be there yet again. I was visiting Soul Sante Bangalore after a couple of years so most of the products were new to me considering that when it comes to creativity and the startup culture in Bangalore has a definite edge over Delhi which is where I spend most of my time in. Don’t get me wrong, Delhi has quite a few festivals and fairs of its own but I have to say none that match up to the Sunday Soul Sante in Bangalore, which has a different vibe to it altogether. I do not know if the organisers select the brands and stalls on display but it feels like it has been curated by someone who has an eye for detail.

Soul Sante Meaning

First things first, not being a Kannadiga, I had no idea what ‘Sante or Santhe’ means so I asked my Kannadiga friend who told me that the meaning of Sante is market.

So simply translating Soul Sante meaning is ‘a market for the soul‘. How nice is that !

You will not find anything that is run of the mill in Soul Sante Bangalore. Also the entrepreneurs and owners at Bangalore Soul Sante have interesting stories to tell. I was pleasantly surprised to see a Japanese selling Sushi (Chicken version) and Miso Soup, Frenchmen making fresh crepes and selling them among other local cuisines and people from all over India. Soul Sante has the spirit of entrepreneurship and artsy feel to the fair. The food looks, smells and tastes authentic and the best part is that if you get hooked onto something, it’s available for ordering online like the CocoSutra Granola I loved.

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I also discovered cool products that I have been looking for, for years in Delhi like wooden sunglasses and superhero boxers for the boy. There were some cool fashion things like neon socks and wooden-brass clutches that I fell in love with.

Best time to visit Sunday Soul Sante Bangalore:

Morning or Lunchtime. Try and wrap up by 6 PM latest because it starts getting very crowded towards the evening and also most of the stuff is sold out by then.

Budget Travel Shopping Tip: You can use the Sunday Soul Sante Bangalore as a discovery tool instead of a flea market to buy stuff. The products are generally priced on the higher side in this one day flea market that happens once in three months. Pick up their visiting cards and you can connect with the brands online or search for their products on flipkart, bigbasket or snapdeal to get better deals.

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Here are photos of some moments that caught my eye at the Sunday Soul Sante Bangalore shopping spree in 2015.

P.S. There were pups for adoption at Soul Sante Bangalore, how cool is that ?!


I have been craving cupcakes for a long time and I found a mini choco cake at Soul Sante Bangalore, thank god for that! Can anyone suggest a good place in Delhi to get some cupcakes? Don’t say Cakery in Khan Market, because they don’t make good cupcakes.

Enjoy some more Soul Sante Bangalore 2015 Photos:

These photos make me nostalgic, waiting for go for Sunday Soul Sante Bangalore 2017.

Sunday Soul Sante 2017 update:

Sunday Soul Sante Bangalore now also has an edition on Pune and Hyderabad. You can buy the tickets to Sunday Soul Sante Pune and Sunday Soul Sante Hyderabad on Bookmyshow.


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