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Indians are known world over as one of the worst tippers because of two reasons. First, we don’t have a culture of tipping. It has picked up in metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities in India but not all travelers have imbibed it. Second, our idea of tipping is far from what is the international norm. Read this tipping guide for South Africa below to be a pleasant Indian traveller in South Africa:

Illustration of a man tipping in South Africa

Tipping Guide for South Africa

Tipping at Restaurants in South Africa: 10–15 percent to the waiter.

Tipping at Hotels in South Africa: A dollar per bag to the porter and per night to the housekeeper; $3–$5 to the concierge.

Tipping your Guides and Drivers in South Africa: Taxi drivers, 10 percent; private drivers and tour guides, $25 per person per day, says Joel Zack, president of Heritage Tours Private Travel.

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What Else? South African authorities employ “car guards” and airport porters semi-officially to cut down on unemployment; most don’t get salaries and rely on tips. When parking a car, you might be approached by a guard. If he shows identification, he’s probably the real deal. Pay him 15–20 rand when you return; pay an airport porter 20 rand per bag maximum.

Dollars Accepted? Yes, but not for car guards and airport porters, who’d have trouble changing them.

Tipping in most countries is following the trend of US. To be a pleasant traveller, an easy tip would be to observe locals and other people around you and how much they are tipping. Even if you do not have guides to tipping ready with you, follow this little tip and you should be good to go !

Enjoy your trip to South Africa with this tipping guide for South Africa and be a pleasant Indian traveler that everyone would like to be around !

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