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South Africa is one of the best countries in the world for an unforgettable skydiving experience. South Africa has numerous flying clubs across the country so even if you are going to South Africa for a few days and only a particular city or Region, you will surely have an option a flying club nearby. I chose Skydive Plettenberg Bay.

Best Skydiving in South Africa

The best skydiving in South Africa is done with Skydive Plett in Plettenberg Bay, Skydive Africa and Mothercity Skydiving in Cape Town. You can also try skydiving in Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria and Mossel Bay.

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Skydive Plettenberg Bay – Price

The prices are almost similar everywhere i.e., ZAR 1850 – INR 2100 (INR 9,000, 10,000) per person and the video footage with a GoPro 4 are charged extra at ZAR 350-400 (INR 1,700 – INR 2,000) per person. To see a sample price list, click here. The instructors are very experienced and friendly and will make sure that you have a good time. We did our skydive at Plettenberg Bay with SkyDive Plett and the views were spectacular here !

Video of my Skydive Plettenberg Bay:

We were extremely happy with our experience of skydiving in South Africa. We had booked our skydive through our backpacker hostel a day in advance. We were to leave early morning for our skydive but because of the weather, it got delayed. The guys at Skydive Plett were very helpful and sent someone to pick up us up and take us to the airport. You have a choice of jumping from 10,000 ft or 12,000 ft, airport landing or beach landing and the prices increase accordingly. We chose a tandem jump, 10,000 ft airport landing which is the most popular and have no regrets. I had a freefall of 34 seconds and Karan’s freefall was 28 seconds.

If you choose the 12000 ft option, you will get a few seconds extra free fall time. Beach landing, is well, just fancy. You can consider it as a photo op.

Skydive Plettenberg Bay – Aircraft

SkyDive Plett fly a Cessna 182 Skylane that has been upgraded for skydiving. They have added wingtip extensions which help with lift induced drag and allows for a quicker climb to the altitude. They have removed the standard door of the aircraft and changed it for an “in-flight door” this allows for the door to be closed before take-off and for twenty five minute flight to altitude. Just prior to the skydive the door is opened, it hinges upward and the skydivers exit. The pilot then closes the door for the descent and landing. This makes for a safe and comfortable twenty five minute flight with no wind buffeting and freezing your buns off with an open door 😉

Plattenberg Bay was my chosen destination for the first skydive. Other places where you can try skydiving in South Africa are Pretoria, Cape Town, Johannesburg among others. No matter where you find the opportunity, don’t miss the experience of Skydiving in South Africa !

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