The East African Visa for travel to Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda

Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda

East Africa geographically comprises of four countries- Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

Although, Tanzania is a part of the East African Community but it does not accept the East Africa Visa. Therefore, the East Africa Visa if valid for travel to Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. The East Africa multiple entry visa costs USD100 and is available on arrival for Indian citizens. You need to get the East Africa Visa from any of the above mentioned countries you are entering first.

It will help you save on your Visa fee if you are planning to travel to all the 3 countries. However, even if you are planning to visit 2 of them, I would suggest that you take the East African Visa as it will cost you the same amount of money (Separate Visas for each country is for USD50 each) but help you save time when you reach the next country. Also, if you’re like me and are bound to change your travel plans sporadically, getting a combined Visa will help.

NOTE: Please carry a Yellow Fever card as sometimes the immigration officer will ask you for it.

I was not asked for my yellow fever card at the Uganda airport but I was asked for it when we crossed over to Kenya overland from Uganda.

UPDATE: If your port of arrival is Kenya and you need an East Africa Visa, you will now have to apply for it online. To can read in detail about the Kenya eVisa, here.


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